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The use of laser laser engraving machine laser carving powder



The use of laser laser engraving machine laser carving powder

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  Laser engraving powder (laser masterbatch) also known as the main function of laser marking powder is to absorb laser energy, convert the laser beam into heat energy, produce thermal effects on plastic, carbonization, evaporation and the chemical reaction of the agent itself to change color, Thereby forming a marking pattern on the surface of the product.

  A. Principle of "hair coloring" for laser marking

  a. Carbonization

  After the laser irradiation, the auxiliary heating causes the surrounding resin to burn char and carbonize the workpiece, leaving black marks on the workpiece. This method is generally used for light-colored substrates. Generally common in "white-black" technology.

  b. foaming method

  Additives heat to achieve the degree of degradation of the resin to generate a hot gas and the substrate to form a large number of fine bubbles, which can make a light-colored and white marking effect, which is suitable for dark color and black substrate. Generally common in "black-white" technology.

  c. ablation method

  Completely gasifying the resin with a high-energy laser causes the substrate to have a concave texture. Generally used in Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

  c. The auxiliary itself changes color

  After laser excitation, chemical changes occur in the auxiliary agent, making the color of the auxiliary agent darker. This method is used for light-colored substrates. Generally used in "white to black" technology.

  1. Plastic must remember to dry, can not have moisture;

  2. The effectiveness of laser engraving depends on various factors. In addition to laser engraving additives, plastic additives, colorants, laser engraving machine quality, laser engraving machine parameter settings also have a very critical factor, the customer may want A variety of tests can be done to find the best laser engraving solution.

  3. Glass fiber or glass beads will not have a great impact on the marking effect.

  4. In the process of black-whitening, it is recommended that the total amount of carbon black added should not be more than 1.5% of the amount of resin. Excessive carbon black will reduce the laser engraving performance.

  5. PP colored with carbon black can create black and white effect, but for industrial production, the continuous marking of the finished product is very important. Adding appropriate amount of radium carving additive can make the finished product have higher speed and stable marking effect. And the use of laser engraving material will have better clarity.

  6. The addition of flame retardants will greatly reduce the marking effect and sharpness, so the proportion of radium carving additives should be significantly increased in the formula.

  7. In general, whitening is based on the reaction of plastics to carbonization and darkening due to high temperatures. Therefore, a low power, low Q-band laser engraving machine coefficient setting should be used. The effect of black-whitening is based on the fact that the material is decomposed at high temperatures and a large number of tiny bubbles are produced during the decomposition process. These small bubbles will bulge from the plastic surface and lighten the color, so light-colored marks can be created. We will recommend using higher power and Q frequency when marking so that it has better whitening effect

  8 Storage conditions:

  Laser marking (laser engraving) powder is dust-free particles or powder, clean, simple and safe, non-dangerous goods; please store in a dry and ventilated place; waterproof, moisture-proof; avoid exposure to sunlight; unused part please Sealed storage; please use it within 24 months.

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